Availability of AT&T’s 3G service in the United States.

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Dear Valued Neo Customer,

As your IoT partner, we strive to keep you informed ofindustry events that might impact your business.  Aeris would like to notify you of a fewupcoming dates as they relate to the use of AT&T’s 3G service in the UnitedStates.

On August 24th, we sent out an announcementinforming you of the upcoming deadline to activate 3G-only devices on theAT&T network. That announcement informed you that the activation deadlinewas January 1, 2019. However, AT&T has now extended that deadline throughJune 30, 2019.

The updated dates you need to know regarding the AT&T 3Gnetwork are:

·        June 30, 2019: AT&Thas extended their activation deadline through 6/30/2019. Any 3G-only devicesthat do not have LTE capabilities need to be activated, placed in a billablestate, and begin generating network traffic on or before 6/30/2019.

·        December 31, 2021: AT&T has stated that it intendsto keep the 3G network available nationally at least through 12/31/2021, but reservesthe right to turn this service off at an earlier time. They have advised theywould use reasonable efforts to provide notice to us at least three years priorthe new sunset date.

Please note that AT&T’s roaming partners may choosetheir own time to turn down 3G service in their markets. Some may stopsupporting 3G at an earlier time, and some may keep their networks operatinglonger. We will provide you with any updates we receive from AT&T about companyplans and about any notices they receive from their roaming partners.

We understand that changes in cellular transport technologyare difficult to manage and a significant challenge for customers that aredeploying connected IoT solutions. If you have any questions, please post themin the Aeris Community Support Forum, or visit https://neo.aeris.com/ to learn aboutour LTE connectivity offering.

Thank you for your business,

The Aeris Network Team                            
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Could this be why my devices have stopped working and I can no longer register my unused sims?

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